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Our Story

Vagón was established in 2011 as a food truck located in the middle of Santurce, Puerto Rico. With a small offering of Tex-Mex dishes on its menu at the beginning, this innovative and delicious concept captured many clients that sponsored the expansion of the company, turning it into a chain of restaurants.  

After expanding its operations in the San Juan area, Vagón started establishing new franchises in other towns such as Dorado and Juncos. Each of our locations has its own essence, with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that captivates those who visit for the first time.  


Our Tex-Mex menu is a varied and delicious, specializing in our variety of Fish Tacos and Nachos de Ceviche. We also offer our customers a wide variety of beers and drinks such as the traditional Margarita and our original Mojito.

What are you waiting to visit us?


Bring your friends and family and have a good time with what we call the “Vagón Experience”!

"The flavors, the combinations
and the ingredients are perfect"

– JoseN352


“Loved it. Fish tacos and tripletas are awesome. Would definitely go back!"

– lofoxx21


The absolute best Tacos, Burritos, Nachos, Quesadillas and Margaritas on the island of Puerto Rico and possibly the Caribbean. Moderate prices, great service, friendly clientele and clean, fresh environment. You can't go wrong. Enjoy."
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– isisandosiris121696



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